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Stan Cooke is a Conservative.

Stan's beliefs are rooted in Christian Conservative principles. They are based on the same beliefs our country was founded on. Stan is the pastor of Kimberly Church of God, in Kimberly, AL. Stan believes that Alabama is at a crossroads: are we going to follow the path of the bloated, overbuilt and expensive federal government where freedom is taken away every day by liberals and unelected bureaucrats, or are we going to stand firm on our Alabama values to "Dare Defend our Rights?" 

Stan Cooke is running for State Auditor of Alabama because each day property bought with our tax dollars are lost, stolen, or disappear-- never to be seen again; an issue he knows must end. Stan is running because the State Auditor is an integral role in appointing those who assist in our elections process; an issue we must get ahead of before the democrats make their way to Alabama to try and steal our elections as they did in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and even our neighbor to the east, Georgia.


Run with Stan:

When you join Stan's team, here's what your joining:

  • Fighting back against wasteful spending and beaurecratic overreach

  • Putting a hard stop to theft of government property

  • Supporting honest and trustworthy Alabamians to run our elections

  • Uncovering government corruption and exposing those who abuse our taxdollars

  • Standing for real conservative principles

  • Honoring campaign promises of eliminating waste and over spending

If these are values you belive in, join Stan's team. Share his posts on social media, send text messages to your frineds, make cmapaign calls for Stan, attend events on Stan's behalf, become apart of our team.


I'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Me

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